14 ft Trampolines – The Best of Both Worlds

14 ft trampolines are seen as the perfect middle ground between size and bounce. They are often strong enough to support the weight of multiple children at once but are smaller (and significantly cheaper) than their 15 ft cousins.

They are a great choice for families with multiple children that don’t have space for a large trampoline or are looking for something a little more affordable.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites

Skybound Stratus
The Stratus is hands down the best looking trampoline we have ever seen. It looks like a spaceship from the future has landed in your back yard and has invited your children to come and jump on its alien surface.

The frame of this unique design is made from stainless steel, which to be honest is not usually what we like to see – galvanized steel is the best (mainly due to its resistance to rust). We feel Skybound have solved this issue by using a high-quality black powder coating on the frame of the Stratus to provide comprehensive protection from the elements.

While stainless steel is weaker than galvanized steel, the highly engineered design of the stratus gives it a whopping 330 lbs weight limit. This is incredible for a 14 ft trampoline – and is more weight than some 15 ft models can handle. Two or three children can easily play on the Stratus at the same time (or even an adult or two!).

What makes the Stratus really special is how darn easy it is to assemble. Trampolines are usually reasonably time-consuming and fiddly to put together because they have several nuts and bolts and various other little components. (Despite it being fiddly, anyone can assemble a trampoline – full instructions are provided and no technical skills are required).

The Stratus, however, is assembled with push pin locking mechanisms.

This means there are no nuts or bolts to tighten, simply place the pole into place and it will automatically click into position securely. We think the Stratus is one of the quickest full-size trampolines to assemble in the world.

We also like the safety net of the Stratus. It has a massive 12 poles that secure the safety netting instead of a more traditional 6 or 8 pole configuration. The poles themselves are concaved (curved) which means the net actually hangs inside the trampoline between the mat and the springs. This greatly limits the chances of your child hitting their head on the springs or poles themselves.

But if they do go and jump particularly hard and the netting does not stop them from reaching the springs – you will be glad to know they are covered in some of the highest density shock absorbing foam on the market.

Pros and Cons

• Interesting design
• Super fast easy setup
• High weight limit
• Very safe

• It is a premium product with a premium price tag

What We Like About This Trampoline
We really love the design of the Stratus, it looks so different to a normal trampoline and will inspire your kid’s imagination to run wild while they jump on it. The assembly of the stratus is a huge plus point for us, you will not believe how easy it is to assemble this thing. This quite honestly is a trampoline that sets the new benchmark for others to meet.

Vuly 2
The tagline of the Vuly 2 is “The Classic Reborn”, and it’s pretty darn accurate if you ask us. The Vuly2 takes many of the features of a traditional trampoline and enhances them creating one of the most exciting (and safe) trampolines on the market.

One of the most predominant features of this trampoline is its exceptionally large safety enclosure. It is undoubtedly one of the tallest on the market and reaches 6’2” off the top of the trampoline mat. The nets themselves bow inward away from the poles providing even more safety.

The padding around the frame of the Vuly 2 totally covers all of the springs required to support the mat and is unusually wide covering the sturdy frame. The foam padding is soft, durable, and able to weather even the most extreme weather conditions.

Setting up the Vuly 2 is very easy, and like the Stratus no nuts or bolts are used. Simply follow the detailed instructions and slot the pieces together for them to securely and automatically lock in place.

Apart from an occasional change in material, the design of the mat of a trampoline has not really changed much over the years… Until the Vuly 2 came along.

The mat is still made from the usual polypropylene like all other trampolines, but it has several fun and interesting graphics printed on it. This sounds like a silly little feature to be talking about, but just wait until you see your kids play on it. These little pictures become fun objectives for your kids to jump and land on, making an already hyper fun experience, even more fun.

Pros and Cons
• Graphics on mat become a game for kids
• Very high safety enclosure
• Quick assembly with no nuts and bolts

• Ladders are not included

Why We Like This Trampoline
We really like the super fast assembly and the tall reaching safety enclosure of the Vuly 2, but what we like most of all is the simple addition of the graphics on the trampolines mat. It is a beautifully simple idea that we are sure more manufacturers will choose to adopt as time goes on – because kids absolutely love it.

Summit 14 Rectangle
Rectangular trampolines are well known for being bouncier than their circular counterparts – however, they are usually priced very differently which often leads us to recommend circular trampolines instead. But the Summit 14 is a very reasonably priced rectangular trampoline with some excellent features – so it has made our top 5 list.

The frame of the Summit is heavy duty and is made from strong, rust immune galvanized steel. Now, while this is excellent, it is far from special – many of the best trampolines use this material. What makes the summit different is the thickness of the metal used. The legs of the are made from super thick 14 gauge steel, and the actual frame is made from even thicker 19 gauge steel.

But, it gets even better (and stronger) because the connecting points of the Summits frame utilize “T-Bracket Technology”. Many trampolines are prone to a slight twisting and warping when in use, and while this does not pose an immediate risk it can lower the lifespan of a product. The T-Bracket technology strengthens these interlocking parts to make them as strong as (or stronger) than the frame itself. This results in no twisting or warping regardless of how crazy and hard your children are jumping.

The rest of the trampoline is just as heavy duty as the frame. It has 1.5 inches thick padding that covers both the frame and the springs, and the safety enclosure netting is made from thick ultra-strong polyethylene.

Pros and Cons

• Heavy duty frame
• Heavy duty legs
• Heavy duty padding
• Heavy duty safety netting

• Ladder not included

Why We Like this Trampoline
This is one of the most hardcore, heavy-duty, hard-working trampolines on the market. It is actually marketed to the gymnast market alongside the domestic market – which should give you an indication of the kind of stresses and strains it has been designed to withstand. Great for kids that want to jump higher than they ever thought possible – this is a super bouncy trampoline!

Skywalker 14 Ft Rectangular
No top 5 trampoline list would be complete without an entry from arguably the most respected trampoline manufacturer in the world Skywalker. They have made the cut this time with their spectacular 14 ft rectangular product that is priced competitively enough to be listed among circular trampolines.

Skywalker have designed some of the safest safety enclosures on the market and this model uses their patented “No-Gap” enclosure system. Most safety nets attach to the mat at spaced mounting points. Because of this they are not usually fully enclosed. On rare occasions, it is possible for a child to fall and get their fingers caught in the springs of the trampoline as they slide through one of the gaps.

The stay put system attaches the enclosure netting to every spring directly (all 84 of them) and eliminates all gaps between the enclosure and the spring. This makes it virtually impossible for your children to suffer this potentially nasty injury.

The safety enclosure has other well thought-out features too. For example, it contains a dual closure system which secures the net with both a zipper and a latch to ensure perfect net tension around the whole trampoline. (Note: If a net is not tight enough a child can be half-caught by it resulting in painful twists and sprains).

The final jewel in the crown of this excellent safety enclosure is the 8 rigid poles that hold the whole thing together. They are exceptionally strong and are made from the same material as the frame. To ensure maximum safety they are covered in soft thick foam with rounded safety end caps on the top of them just in case any of your kids decide to try and grab on to it.

As you would expect from a brand like Skywalker the materials used are of exceptionally high quality. The frame and joints are made from galvanized steel and the thick safety padding around the bottom is both shock-absorbing and weather resistant.

Pros and Cons

• Very safe
• Very cheap for a rectangular trampoline
• 200 lbs weight limit

• Still more expensive than a circular model (but only just!)

What We Like About This Product
What we mainly like about this Skywalker product is the price. Enabling people to choose a rectangular trampoline at the same price point as a circular trampoline must not have been easy. Also, the safety enclosure of the Skywalker is particularly impressive and will ensure hours of safe and joyful playtime.

Ultega Jumper 14 Ft – Editors Pick
The Ultega Jumper is the winner of our 14 ft editors pick award. It’s a trampoline that lacks any special features or marketing gimmicks, but it simply does what a trampoline is supposed to do, and it does it well.

The frame of the Jumper is made from galvanized steel and is connected to 4 sturdy legs. We would have liked to have seen a 5th leg like many trampolines of this size have – but the legs on the jumper are particularly large and are double-footed, so total stability is still ensured.

The frame is rated to hold a very respectable 200 lbs of weight, which is enough for two children (or a single adult). The springs on the Ultra are made from the same galvanized stainless steel as the frame, they are covered by protective foam, and they are immune from rusting.

Assembly is very easy, and while it does contain some nuts and bolts (unlike the Stratus) no additional tools are required for assembly. The instructions provided are clear and easy to understand and you should be up and running within an hour or so of opening the box.

The safety net of the Ultega functions in a similar way to the Stratus above (except the poles are not concaved). The polyethylene net hangs away from the poles and secures underneath the trampoline between the mat and the springs. The mat itself is made from incredibly durable polypropylene and will be able to withstand the forces of the elements throughout its lifetime in your back yard.

Pros and Cons

• Easy assembly
• Galvanized steel
• Advanced safety net
• Great build quality

• Could potentially hold more weight

Why We Like This Trampoline
This is the modern day equivalent of the good old-fashioned trampoline we all remember fondly using when we were children ourselves. What it lacks in special features it makes up for in build quality and it will stand the test of time in all climates.

Certainly a product worthy of our editors pick award.