Compact Full Sized Fun – 12 Ft Trampolines

12 ft trampolines are the smallest trampolines that are considered to be “full-sized”. They are often designed for use by one person at a time (despite usually being strong enough to support two).

12 ft trampolines are perfect for people that want the full fun of a full-sized trampoline but are limited by space (or are looking for something a little cheaper than a larger model).

Here are the top 12 ft trampolines that have passed our stringent review process.

Skybound Stratus 12
We love the Stratus so much that we have also included it as a top pick in our other larger trampoline reviews (as it is available in different sizes). The 12 ft version is the smallest size the Stratus comes in but it is every bit as fun as the larger models.

It is instantly recognizable for its fun and unusual appearance and is a refreshing break from the norm. Nothing about this trampoline is traditional – it is made from premium quality high strength materials, and is designed in a way that makes it very easy to assemble without needing to use any nut and bolts. (The whole product assembles with interlocking mechanisms that are almost a joy to use.)

If has a strong safety net that is supported by 12 poles which are concaved to reduce injury, and are made from the same strong steel as the frame. The safety net sits in between the jumping mat and the rust-resistant durable springs to minimize the risk of fingers being trapped accidentally.

The padding on the Stratus is made from highly advanced foam which has been specifically chosen for both its shock absorption properties and its hardy nature. The Stratus is a trampoline that will be able to withstand the worst mother nature can throw at it and will provide your family with years of safe and exciting fun.

Pros and Cons

• Unusual design
• Concaved strong safety poles
• Shock absorbing foam

• Could be cheaper

What We Like About This Trampoline
The Stratus is a premium product, and such it also has a premium price tag. But sometimes the best things in life are worth paying that little bit more for. This is a trampoline that will not let you down and is made by a company that always delivers the quality products. If you are looking for something extra special – then the Stratus is a product you should consider.

Zupapa 12
We love the fact that the Zupapa is TUV certified. This is a German safety standard that is reportedly one of the strictest in the world. They proudly mention their TUV certification on all of their marketing efforts because it really is quite an achievement to be graded highly by TUV.

It has exceptionally large elastic energy potential thanks to its advanced spring configuration and high quality jumping mat that are attached to an exceptionally rigid frame. The frame is made from high-quality rust-resistant steel and attaches to the poles of the safety enclosure at two separate places for maximum stability.

This combination results in one of the sturdiest safety enclosures we have come across in our many years of reviewing trampolines. Zupapa decided to make their safety enclosure extra stable because of its immense height (the Zupapa has one of the largest enclosures on the market).

This is a company that leaves nothing to chance, and your kids will be in good hands playing on one of their products. The Zupapa comes with a highly comprehensive warranty. Any defective or replacement parts that are needed within 6 months of delivery will be sent directly to your door free of charge.

Pros and Cons

• Exceptional build quality
• Very high safety enclosure
• Includes safety ladder and jumping mat

• Only available in one color

What We Like About This Trampoline
We love the build quality of the Zupapa, it is made from super high-quality materials and it has clearly had a large amount of money invested in its development. The height and stability of its safety enclosure is impressive and will give any parent the reassurance they need to know that their children are in good hands.

Ultega Jumper 12

The Ultega jumper is a trampoline that is not just designed for children – it is intended for use by adults too. While most of the trampolines on this page can withstand the weight of an adult – not many have been designed with regular adult usage in mind.

For example, Ultega is trying to entice adults to use their product by not making it look too childish. Children, in all honesty, don’t really care all too much what a trampoline looks like, they just want to jump on it! But on the other hand, adults may feel a little bit self-conscious about jumping on a bright pink trampoline covered in pictures of cats and fairies.

Trampolining is a great way for adults to exercise and the Ultega gets top marks from us for attempting to encourage adults to do it. Included with the trampoline is an exceptional exercise manual that focuses on various exercise routines that can be performed by adults and children alike.

The design of the Ultega has purposely been made to be as minimalistic and as unobtrusive as possible. The almost transparent safety enclosure netting really minimizes the impact something the size of a trampoline has on yard appearance. (Don’t expect too much, it is still a 12 ft large blue trampoline – it’s not going to be invisible!).

Pros and Cons

• TUV Certified
• Unobtrusive design
• Exercise manual
• Very safe
• Very sturdy

• Ladders not included

What We Like About This Trampoline
We really like the dual usage idea that Ultega is perusing with this model. Children will love its super bouncy interior, and parents will hopefully be enticed into using it for some of the most fun and exciting exercise it is possible to have at home.

ORCC 12 Ft

ORCC make trampolines that are mainly known for incredible jump height. They use highly engineered spring layouts and configurations that are the result of countless hours of testing and refining. This product uses 108 springs to attach the jumping mat to the frame of this model (around 12 more springs than average for this size trampoline).

This results in much higher bounces but also results in bounces that are much more comfortable on the feet. Even with a surface as elastic as a trampoline jumping mat – repeated impact takes its toll on the feet. These additional springs allow you to jump higher, for longer.

The springs themselves are made from incredibly durable galvanized steel and are 7 inches thick (thicker than many other brands). They are connected to an ultra-high quality UV resistant polypropylene jumping mat which provides excellent strength and support. The 13 inch extra wide padding that goes around the frame of the trampoline is a respectable 0.8 inches thick and will protect your children from even the most unexpected crash landings.

The strong and stable safety enclosure is supported by ultra-thick steel poles which are also padded with durable 10mm foam from bottom to top – ensuring safety at jumps of any height.

ORCC is one of the few manufacturers that provides all the essential trampolining accessories you would hope to find (something that other brands don’t do). Included with the trampoline you will receive ladders, 6 wind stakes to anchor the trampoline to the ground, and also an all-important protective rain cover.

Pros and Cons

• Wide protective padding
• Padded safety enclosure poles
• Super high bounces
• Contains ladder
• Contains wind stakes

• Could be a little cheaper

What We Like About This Trampoline
We love the way the advanced spring configuration makes jumping on this trampoline feel. It feels more refined and controlled compared to other models that use fewer and thinner springs. If you want a trampoline that will be safe, fun, and comfortable at the same time, we recommend you look into the ORCC.

Excame 12
The Excame 12 is a trampoline that prides itself on being one of the most stable and secure trampolines on the market. This trampoline has 6 dual contact legs made from strong steel. The dual contact functionality means this product 12 individual contact points with the ground (Most other brands 12 ft trampolines usually have 4 or 5).

It has heavy duty 7-inch steel springs that provide excellent bounce height, but are also incredibly comfortable on the feet due to reduced impact force and increased elastic potential.

The main selling point for us about the Excame 12 is its incredibly high weight rating. This is actually the highest weight rated trampoline on the market right now and is capable of supporting 375 lbs of weight. That is seriously impressive for a trampoline of this size (or any size!). Two adults or 4 children could jump on the Excame at the same time without going over the weight limit. It’s perfect for parties or for big families.

It has extra wide padding which (we love to see) and has a strong and sturdy safety enclosure supported by rigid poles which are unfortunately unpadded.

The functionality and safety of the Ultega is up there with the best of the best, and as such, it also has the coveted TUV certification that the Zupapa has been awarded. If it is safe enough to pass German safety standards – it is safe enough for you and your children to enjoy too (Note: It has also passed all relevant US safety regulations).

Pros and Cons

• TUV Certified
• Huge weight rating
• 12 Contact points
• Very Stable

• Unpadded safety enclosure poles

What We Like about This Trampoline
This is the ultimate trampoline for people with large families, or for children that have lots of friends that would love to come and play. The joy of trampolining is most fun when shared with friends and family. Jumping around with your children, or watching them jump around with their friends is one of life’s little pleasures that many other trampolines are simply not strong enough to facilitate. If you want to join in with your kids, this is the trampoline for you.

Skywalker 12 – Editors Pick!
It’s no surprise to us that Skywalker has earned the top spot and won our editors pick award. This is a company that has never released a bad product. Ever.

This strong and sturdy trampoline is graced with highly advanced “W” legs that provide increased stability compared to traditional straight legs. The legs of are made from the same galvanized steel as the solid thick frame and are joined together using Skywalkers patented T-Lock system.

The T-lock system is a welded joint that most of the trampolines components attach to when connecting to one another. This provides the trampoline with a dramatically reduced amount of twisting and warping when in use.

We really like the padding that has been used on the Skywalker 12. It is made from advanced impact absorbing foam that is 1 inch thick around the entire perimeter of the frame and it covers the springs too. Like any good trampoline, the safety enclosure netting is joined to the jumping mat before it reaches the springs, and the enclosure poles are concaved for added safety.

Importantly, the enclosure is built using gapless technology. Most other brands of trampoline have small gaps at the bottom of the safety netting. This can occasionally mean that fingers can get trapped when they go through one of the gaps. But by installing the net directly at every spring mounting points – the Skywalker 12 is totally free from gaps and this kind of accidents are very unlikely to occur.

Pros and Cons

• Concaved safety enclosure poles
• Gapless safety enclosure
• Will not twist and warp
• Stable legs
• Available in various colors

• Some colors are more expensive than others

What We Like About This Trampoline
Skywalker regularly features on our top trampoline lists. They make some of the most rugged, safe, and enjoyable trampolines on the planet. We would argue that no other manufacturer can really compete with their reputation. If you are looking for a good, solid, safe bet that will deliver countless hours of fun for many years – this is the trampoline for you.